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The Old Gringo Retiree And The Sea


Retirement is a big change since many people find themselves with a lot of spare time on their hands. Having an active lifestyle is essential for both one’s physical and mental health. Fortunately, in Costa Rica there is a plethora of interesting activities for Baby Boomer retirees to stay busy.

Take for example the case of Terry Martin. He moved from the U.S. to the Philippines and then eventually to Costa Rica where he retired. He first discovered the Philippines when he was in the navy. After he did his stint in the service he moved back there and started a couple of successful businesses. While he was living there he discovered that fishing was his real passion. So, he made it point to go fishing at least once or twice a week when he wasn’t working. He even took vacations to places like Alaska to go salmon fishing when he had the time and money.

I forgot mention that Terry married a Philippine woman and raised a couple of children while living there. He had a good life their but decided he wanted to live closer to the U.S. because his elderly parents and other family members lived there. However, he really didn’t want to live in the U.S. because he had come to realize that he had become a true expatriate at heart. So, he started to investigate countries close to the U.S. Terry made two exploratory trips to Costa Rica before finally making the decision to move here.

After Terry and his family got settled next came to task of finding something for him to do to stay busy. Terry made a lot of friends quickly by hanging out in the numerous places that expats frequent. Although Terry lives in the Central Valley he has managed to pursue his favorite hobby — fishing.

He often travels to Lake Arenal, about three hours away, to go trout fishing with his new-found buddies. In fact, they all chipped in some money and bought a small boat with an outboard motor which is perfect for their needs. They store it at a dry dock at the Puerto San Luis mini-marina near the town of Tilarán.

Terry often ventures to the Central Pacific coast to fish in the ocean. He doesn’t own a boat at the beach but hires local fishermen to take him fishing. The Tico fisherman charge Terry only a fraction of what it would cost to go on a sports fishing boat. He could never afford to go on a regular charter since the cost can run over $1000 a day plus tips. Even with a group of friends splitting the bill it is still very expensive.

As you can see Terry is resourceful and has found a way to stay active by participating in his favorite piscatorial hobby here. Retirees and others can have a healthy and active lifestyle by practicing almost any imaginable outdoor hobby or by pursuing their favorite interests in Costa Rica. It’s all here!

Christopher Howard


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