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A not so successful story about an American in Costa Rica


I usually write articles about Americans who find success and happiness in Costa Rica. Unfortunately there are a few individuals who screw up big time here because they don’t follow the advice advice of the experts and get hooked up with the wrong people.

Tom came to Costa Rica about 12 years ago from the United States, where he was a successful businessman. Almost upon arriving here, he became romantically involved with a woman of ill- repute. He was basically too lazy and busy getting drunk to find a quality mate. Over the course of Tom’s relationship, he lost about $500,000 because he entrusted his business dealings to his girlfriend. She was even dumber than Tom and talked him into purchasing a piece of land on the beach that was in a restricted zone and he ended up building a home there. A few years later the local government got wind of what happened and had Tom’s house demolished.

Tom eventually split up with his girlfriend and had to give her half of everything he owned because of their common-law situation. What did Tom do next? He went and got involved with another woman who got pregnant intentionally and eventually took him to “the cleaners.” He ended up supporting her, their child and all of her immediate family. Everyone came out of the woodwork to get a handout from the dumb gringo.

After losing what was left of his money Tom finally got the message and returned to the United States where he eventually drank himself to death.

The point of this story is that if you take time-tested advice from the right people in Costa Rica and don’t be lazy like Tom, you can increase the odds of having a great life here. On the other hand, if you do like Tom you will be doomed to failure from the start.

Christopher Howard


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